Everyone asks, “What’s your rate?”

When they ask that question 👆👆👆 that one, right up there 👆👆👆 they are often shocked to discover the answer: There is no such thing as “our rate.” All rates are available to all customers at all times.

Yes! You read that right!

You can get the same rate–available in the market today–that anyone else can get. However, where you will see a difference compared to your neighbor is the COST or PRICE of that rate. Each home loan scenario is different, and you want a home loan quote that shows true total cost. I can help with that, but ACCURATE quotes are not the same thing as “instant” quotes.

Yes! It’s true! Anyone who rockets a one-minute phone call, text message, or email–and then gives you an “instant” loan quote–is literally lying to you if they don’t learn more details about your scenario first! (And, I promise you, they CAN’T do that in only one-minute!)

Every mortgage lender must first know a few details about your loan requirements before accurately quoting your rate and costs. Here’s an example why lenders must know more about you first: mortgage loan investors literally have rate and price adjustment books–each with about 20 pages–written in 6-point font on legal size paper. That’s a lot of line-item adjustments just to get the pricing of your loan!

Here’s the good news: I’m happy to give you a no obligation quote! Simply click on the APPLY NOW! button to share your important loan details. I promise to give you an accurate rate and pricing quote. I also promise to show you no less than four different options available to you. This way, you can choose your own rate, make the best decision that will meet your financial needs, and save the most money possible!

Click APPLY NOW! I look forward to working with you. 😎🙏

In the meantime, here is a NATIONAL AVERAGE (I repeat . . . an AVERAGE) of what loan pricing looks like for different loan programs.

This information is provided–in real-time–from surveys of many lenders all across the country. This average includes people with great credit, not so great credit, large down payments, low down payments, homes, condos, multifamily buildings, primary homes, second homes, investment homes . . . everything possible . . . all averaged together.

This should give you a “sense” of where the market is at right now; however, be sure to click the APPLY NOW! button. I will give you a loan quote with YOUR rate and YOUR pricing. This way, you can know exactly what’s available for YOU today!

Current NATIONAL AVERAGE Mortgage Rates

NOTE: For info only! Not an official offer or quote